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The inserts provided on this page are mostly images that you can save to your computer and print on your personal printer.   Some of the files are PDFs but most are image JPGs.

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Birthdays and Sobriety Milestones

You get to take another chip - vertical

You get to take another chip - horizontal

Happy Sobriety Birthday - Vertical

happy soberversary

Happy Soberversary! - Vertical

Happy Soberversary - Horizontal

Happy Soberversary - Horizontal

happy sobriety birthday with streamers

Happy Sobriety Birthday - colorful with streamers

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday - Horizontal

Happy Birthday - Horizontal

A thru C

Acceptance is the key

The Camel Story


Sober Christmas Inserts

Don't drink and go to meetings

D thru E

Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens

Expect A Miracle

Easy Does It

Easy Does It - Various

F thru I

Faith without works is dead

Get Well

Keep your chin up & Glad we are friends

I like big books and I cannot lie

It works, if you work it


Keep Coming Back

Keep Coming Back w floral accent

Keep Coming Back with floral accents vertical

Keep Coming Back with floral accents vertical

Keep It Simple

L thru Y

Love and tolerance is our code - 4 up - horizontal

Love and tolerance is our code - 4 up - horizontal

Various inspirations on color background

Your Ego is NOT Your Amigo

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*50 Meetings in 50 States

I'm planning on traveling the country in my campervan, attending as many round-ups as possible and sharing my experience, strength, and hope.

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