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Hello, and thank you for visiting.  My name is Monica Morgan, I am a freelance graphic artist, illustrator and paper crafter with a knack for business.  I’m always willing to try something new if what I am doing doesn’t quite work out.

Take a look around and let me know what you like!

Handmade cards for people in recovery.

I’ve put together a little gallery of some of my cards from 2018.  As I move into 2019, I’ll be able to post, categorize and tag new posts in an orderly fashion. All of these cards were made to sell at various recovery related events.  I always sell a lot, mostly...

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Self Publishing

I have now published 3 books and am on the edge of finishing another one.  I write this post not to talk about my books, but rather the skill required to assemble the pages and present it to a publisher.

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The Pieces of the Website Puzzle

Domain – The name of the website that people type into a browser to visit it. For example, my domain is monicamorgandesigns.com. Registrar – The company used to register your domain name. Some examples include GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Hosting – Certain computers,...

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My Published Books

My personality is quite entrepreneurial by nature, so when I discovered that I could publish my own books using CreateSpace I went to town!  I figured I could use what is near and dear to my heart for content and so as a recovered alcoholic, I authored and illustrated 2 adult coloring books with sobriety slogans and sayings as the themes.  I also authored one wordsearch book using the 12 steps and traditions of A.A. and a combination trivia/journal book that serves as a journal with prompts that are coordinated with the trivia question of the day.  It really does make you think.  To those who are offended by me breaking my own anonymity, I say this:  “You just never know when someone reading this will be inspired to get sober.”

The links below are affiliate links and that means that if you click on it and buy from that link, I will get a small portion.  (If you want to set this up on your website too, I highly encourage it!)

Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #1

Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #2

Sobriety Garden Word Search

100 Days of A.A. Trivia

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