Websites & Graphic Design

When creating a new website I focus on gorgeous layouts with plenty of breathing room to make it visually pleasing.  I then add stunning graphics made with custom color palettes and top it off with excellent typography. 

Small to medium-sized businesses are my niche.  I’ve been doing web design since 1998 and my freelance price starts at 3,000.00.

Card Making Tutorials

I’ve been making handmade cards for over 5 years and have uploaded about 25 tutorials on YouTube.  After much thought, I’ve decided to stop doing that and concentrate more on my adult coloring books.

Print Services

I love graphic and print work.  I can design anything from a simple business card to a full-fledged magazine.

Whether I am your designer or not, I can offer you competitive rates for print services complete with drop shipping.

My Published Books

My personality is quite entrepreneurial by nature, so when I discovered that I could publish my own books using CreateSpace I went to town!  I figured I could use what is near and dear to my heart for content and so as a recovered alcoholic, I authored and illustrated 2 adult coloring books with sobriety slogans and sayings as the themes.  I also authored one wordsearch book using the 12 steps and traditions of A.A. and a combination trivia/journal book that serves as a journal with prompts that are coordinated with the trivia question of the day.  It really does make you think.  

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Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #1

Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #2

Sobriety Garden Word Search

100 Days of A.A. Trivia