Card-making and Graphic Designs by Monica M.

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My goal here is to inspire you and to show you my process. 
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My approach to my card making videos always includes a little bit of humor combined with good design.  Most of my cards are made for people in recovery, but my tutorials show all kinds of ideas that can be used on any card.

Simon Says Love Always Stamps Set


I specialize in making cards for people in sobriety and since I don’t know of a company that provides stamps with sobriety themed artwork, I’ve made my own and have them available for free for you!



I’ve yet to find sentiment stamps for people in recovery so I make my own.  They are made to be die-cut or trimmed with a trimmer.  Feel free to use them in your projects too!


Stumped for new card ideas?  Look through my sketches for various layouts for your cards!  I use them all the time!

*Sobriety Gift Shop

I am the proprietor of the Sobriety Gift Shop and a lot of the designs I make here are for products in my shop.  Purchases made at my Sobriety Gift Shop help in keeping all my freebies free!

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*50 Meetings in 50 States

I'm planning on traveling the country in my campervan, attending as many round-ups as possible and sharing my experience, strength, and hope.

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