My Designs

Whether it’s for print or web, I can handle pretty much anything you throw at me.  I’ve been designing for over 20 years and although I’m self-taught, I’m a lot of self-taught.  I can’t begin to count the hours of online classes, YouTube videos, and mentors I have utilized in my career. I can and have won many jobs when competing with other designers who have a degree.

Print Shop

From small to large jobs, I can handle them all.  I have a trade account with a major company that can drop ship your projects to you.  My prices are competitive without compromising quality.  Coming Soon: My price comparison sheet to major print shops!

Website Designs

We service small to medium sized businesses with 2 to 20 employees.  Our required ongoing maintenance packages ensure that we a working with clients who understand the importance of regular maintenance.


For print designs like flyers and brochures, it’s best to give me an idea of what you want to accomplish with a ten-minute phone call and some copy.  From there, I’ll make a couple of rough drafts, and send them to you for review.  After that, we can work back and forth with emails, or… (read below)

Some of my clients love to work together using a shared screen via™.   By collaborating on design projects together it allows me to be creative thus showing you various options in real time, and it allows for you to keep me on track.  As the edits are done and seen in real time, we get to discuss your choices and find solutions.  This also helps to avoid unnecessary emails, wasted time, and miscommunicating.

PS. It’s also free!

Having Trouble Finding a Reliable Webmaster?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

I know what it means to need reliable help.  With my Tuesday morning emails to all my clients, I’m constantly in touch with you and if you ever need me I’m only a phone call away.

Here’s How I Can Help

If you’re still reading this, Yay You!  I’m naturally a generous person, maybe it’s the Leo in me, but I will bend over to help all my clients, often times more than they know.  Just saying.

Branding Sheets

All of my website clients receive a branding sheet made specifically for them.  It is used as a roadmap for keeping everything consistent.

Color Theory

If the colors you’ve chosen are fighting each other, I’ll explain why and show you some alternatives.

Fonts and Font Pairings

When building a website, or designing, say a brochure, I focus on the story being told and use fonts and font pairings to tell the story.  These are defined in the branding sheet.

Weight Loss

What??? Yes, websites have weight and the heavier they are the longer they take to load.  Nobody likes a slow loading website.  With my years of graphic design, I know how to keep your images as thin as possible without looking unhealthy.  How’s that for an analogy?

PayPal and Shopping Carts

Incorporating your PayPal account is a fairly straightforward process for me and is included in most of my packages.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to monitize your website.

Building a Shopping Cart is a totally different animal.  This takes some thinking, strategic planning, and time.  Shopping carts begin at $5,000.00.  Please call (702) 334-4640 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation and mention the code: SHOP30.

About Monica

Professional Designer

Hmm.  I’m the one writing this so what should I say about myself?  I’m fabulous, fun and fantastic to work with!   Ahem, let me throw in a little honesty; I can be opinionated about design and have been known to get grumpy on occasion.  I’m working on that. undecided

I come from an artistic family and I love what I do.  As a boutique agency with me running the whole kit and caboodle, I am limited somewhat on time, but I will always have time for you!  cool

I’m also a friend of Bill W which will be explained in my published books section. (Keep scrolling.)  If you know what that means, Yay You!  If you don’t, it’s ok, I’ll still work with you. wink

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“Monica did an amazing job designing a website for me as well as business cards, brochures, flyers, and stationary when I opened my sober living homes (just over 5 years ago).   She comes up with such fresh, unique and creative ideas. I would strongly recommend her to anybody that needs help with any type of marketing  Feel free to contact me for further comments.”

Marcie Davis

Founder, The Davis Recovery House

We started working together in 2013

“I have fondly referred to Monica for the last 20  years or more as my “Image Specialist”, as she has had the most uncanny ability to tune into what I needed on my website for my business, as a Musician, providing it beyond my expectations. I highly recommend her to all business owners for the skilled professionalism, that is so often hard to find.”

Mishelle Renee

Owner, Harp Entertainment

We started working together in 1999

Monica Morgan Designs is a great place to start a new website. She worked together with us to set up a website and worked diligently to get it published on the web in a timely manner. We are now working on the SEO portion and maintenance of the Website. Thank You, Monica, for all you do. We have been looking for someone like you for a very long time.”

Marty Braun

Owner, Package Plus Printing

We started working together in 2013

My Blog

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My Published Books

My personality is quite entrepreneurial by nature, so when I discovered that I could publish my own books using CreateSpace I went to town!  I figured I could use what is near and dear to my heart for content and so as a recovered alcoholic, I authored and illustrated 2 adult coloring books with sobriety slogans and sayings as the themes.  I also authored one wordsearch book using the 12 steps and traditions of A.A. and a combination trivia/journal book that serves as a journal with prompts that are coordinated with the trivia question of the day.  It really does make you think.  To those who are offended by me breaking my own anonymity, I say this:  “You just never know when someone reading this will be inspired to get sober.”

The links below are affiliate links and that means that if you click on it and buy from that link, I will get a small portion.  (If you want to set this up on your website too, I highly encourage it!)

Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #1

Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #2

Sobriety Garden Word Search

100 Days of A.A. Trivia

Let’s Get Designing!

Call me, email me, heck send smoke signals if you want,  you never know till you know.

P.S.  Thanks for your time.

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